The Peptide Optimization Course & Optimize Your Practice Mastermind

The Biohacker’s Course to Using Therapeutic Peptides To Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Heal Injuries, Reduce Cognitive Decline, Improve Health, and Slow Aging

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  • Module 1: Understanding Regenerative Medicine: Utilizing your body’s systems for self-repair
  • Module 2: Symptoms and Solutions: 4 Classes of Peptides
  • Module 3: Understanding Where Peptides Fit In Your Health - Where to Start
  • Module 4: Understanding Peptide Delivery Systems: How to Use the Peptide I’ve Chosen in the Most Effective Way Possible
  • Module 5: The Role of Nutrition and Exercise in Your Healing Results 
  • ​Module 6: How to Evaluate Results and Adapt Your Protocol
  • Access to exclusive content every month
  • PLUS 2 monthly calls with Jay and Nick for 2 months
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